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All On 8 dental implants are employed for the replacement of upper or lower teeth. This procedure entails the installation of a fixed bridge supported by 8 dental implants evenly positioned in the jaw. All On 8 implants serve as an optimal treatment for individuals seeking a comprehensive replacement solution for their missing teeth.

“All On 8 Dental” Implants in Tirana,Albania.

While dental implants are commonly perceived as having high costs, the pricing dynamics are influenced by factors such as lifestyle and salaries, as observed in many countries, including Albania. Notably, due to lower taxes and wages in Albania, the associated prices are relatively more affordable.

Importantly, the affordability of dental services in Albania does not compromise the quality of care. On the contrary, we provide top-notch dental services at reasonable prices. In essence, you can achieve cost savings without compromising on the excellence of the results.

Dental Care for the Whole Family

Italian Office

Via Orfeo

Mazzitelli, Bari

IVA: 08822130723

Albanian Office

Elbasani Street

Tirana, Albania


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