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Explore  into the effectiveness of All on 6 dental implants, a popular technique in Albania. This innovative approach serves as a successful solution for individuals dealing with the challenge of multiple missing teeth, seamlessly restoring the full functionality of the mouth. All on 6 implants prove to be an ideal choice, particularly for patients boasting sufficient bone structure in the jaw, ensuring a solid foundation for the procedure.

The outcomes of All on 6 implants extend beyond mere tooth replacement; they promise a lifetime of enhanced oral functionality. Embrace the confidence and long-term benefits that come with All on 6 dental implants in Albania.

Experience All on 6 Dental Implants in Tirana, Albania

Discover the transformative potential of All On 6 implants, a sophisticated dental solution designed to restore the complete upper or lower arch of your teeth using a single, comprehensive dental bridge. All On 6 stands as the epitome of natural-looking teeth, offering an optimal choice for those seeking a lifelike and functional smile.

Ensuring that you not only qualify for this procedure but also receive accurate diagnosis and meticulous planning is our commitment. We pay meticulous attention to every detail to eliminate any potential issues during the course of the procedure.

All On 6 implants, often referred to as full-mouth dental implants or complete arch replacements, are particularly suited for individuals with ample bone structure in their jaws. Distinguished from the All On 4 procedure, the All On 6 method utilizes six implants strategically placed in areas with the highest bone volume. This approach provides individuals with the opportunity to replace all their teeth with six natural-looking dental implants, achieving both aesthetic and functional excellence.

This procedure is not universally recommended. The All On 6 method is intended for patients who have fully missing teeth or plan to extract their remaining teeth for replacement with implants. It provides a durable treatment option, distinct from traditional prostheses.

All On 6 implants emulate the functionality of natural teeth, and with the support of a bridge, they provide the necessary reinforcement for the muscles in your cheeks and lips. This effect is a result of restoring the correct height between the upper and lower jaws. It is crucial to note that without support for these muscles, facial features may undergo an inward collapse.

Procedure of “All On 6” implants

All On 6 Implants Procedure in Tirana, Albania – Exceptional Full Mouth Restoration

When contemplating All On 6 implants, it’s crucial to consider alternative options like dentures, conventional dental implants, and All On 4. The entire procedure is meticulously structured into distinct steps:

  • Step One: Consultation with Your Dentist

Before embarking on the surgery, your dentist conducts a comprehensive assessment of your general health, mouth, and jaw. When necessary, CT scans and x-rays are performed. After mutual agreement, impressions of your mouth are taken, and these impressions are then sent to the lab for the creation of prostheses.

  • Step Two: Anesthesia

To ensure a pain-free experience during the surgery, your dentist administers a local anesthetic beforehand. Subsequently, the process commences with the cleaning and removal of bacteria, along with the elimination of damaged tissue.

  • Step Three: Implant Replacement

The implant replacement process begins with the dentist drilling four holes in both the anterior and posterior parts of your jaw. Implants are strategically positioned at a 30 to 45-degree angle, and your new teeth are officially attached to the implants within a single day.


This carefully orchestrated series of steps ensures a top-quality full mouth restoration, providing you with the confidence and functionality that come with All On 6 implants in Tirana, Albania.

Benefits of Full-Mouth Dental Implants with All On 6

While removable dentures are a familiar concept, it’s essential to recognize that they only address a partial aspect of tooth loss. In contrast, All On 6 implants offer a durable solution for rebuilding an entire set of teeth.

The advantages of opting for All On 6 extend beyond mere tooth replacement. Here’s what this transformative procedure can provide:

  1. Easy Care and Cleaning:

   All On 6 implants streamline oral care, making maintenance and cleaning straightforward, akin to natural teeth.

  1. Fixed Dentures:

   Unlike removable dentures, All On 6 implants provide a stable and fixed solution, eliminating concerns about slipping or shifting.

  1. Fast Recovery:

   The recovery process is expedited with All On 6 implants, allowing patients to resume normal activities more swiftly.

  1. Lifetime Solution:

   All On 6 offers a lasting and enduring dental solution, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  1. Confident Smile:

   Regain confidence in your appearance and enjoy a restored smile without the fear or embarrassment associated with eating and talking.

  1. Full-Arch Rebuilding:

   This procedure facilitates the comprehensive rebuilding of a full dental arch, providing a complete and harmonious smile.

  1. No Dietary Restrictions:

   Enjoy the freedom of a varied diet without the restrictions commonly associated with removable dentures.


Choosing All On 6 implants not only restores your teeth but also enhances your overall quality of life, ensuring you can live confidently and comfortably.

Difference between “All On 6 Implants” from Regular Dental Implants

A fundamental contrast between All On 6 implants and regular dental implants lies in the quantity of implants integrated into your oral structure. The prevailing belief among many dentists is that the All On 6 procedure can establish a robust and enduring foundation for a prosthetic dental arch, ensuring a solid and lasting smile.

Comparing “All On 6” and “All On 4” Implants

The differentiation between All On 4 and All On 6 implants, while apparent to many, may not be universally understood. Simply put, the dissimilarity is in the number of implants utilized: All On 4 relies on four implants, whereas All On 6 employs six. The significance of this discrepancy lies in the support provided for your bites and the reinforcement of your jaw. The determination of which procedure is optimal for you rests in the hands of your dentist, who will assess your individual needs and recommend the most suitable option.

Are you the right candidate for “All On 4” or “All On 6” Implants
  1. Schedule an Appointment:

   The initial step involves setting up an appointment with your dentist. During this visit, a comprehensive assessment of your general and dental health will be conducted.

  1. Dental Check-up:

   Your dentist will perform a thorough check-up to evaluate the condition of your oral health. Based on the results, the dentist will discuss the available options with you, providing detailed explanations to help you make an informed decision.

Eligibility for “All On 6” Treatment:

All On 6 implants are generally suitable for individuals with specific conditions. This treatment is beneficial for those with sufficient bone volume and density, particularly in the central area of the small molar teeth. It can also be considered after tooth extraction, provided that a thorough cleaning process has been undertaken and the individual’s oral health is in good condition. If you experience any concerns or discomfort, it’s crucial to promptly communicate with your dentist.

Importance of Diagnosis and Planning:

For a successful implant rehabilitation, accurate diagnosis and meticulous implant planning are imperative. Attention to detail by your dentist is crucial to ensure comprehensive care. Missing teeth can impact appearance, making individuals look older with a sunken facial appearance. The right dentist, with proper placement, can reverse these effects, providing a rejuvenated and impeccable smile.


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