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Immediate Loading Implantology in Tirana,Albania

Immediate Loading Implantology in Albania introduces a technique where a restoration is placed within 48 hours after the implant has been inserted. This approach offers several advantages, including a shorter recovery time, immediate satisfactory results, and efficient fabrication of the final restoration.

Utilizing the latest methods and state-of-the-art equipment, we strive to transform setbacks into new opportunities, providing a second chance even for patients who may have received negative responses from other clinics. Our commitment is to understand and fulfill your desires responsibly.

What is “immediate loading implantology”

Immediate implant placement is a procedure where dental implants are inserted into the jaw immediately after tooth extraction. This facilitates the osseointegration process by placing the implant’s root directly into the socket left by the extracted tooth. The procedure streamlines the process by addressing two crucial steps in a single appointment.

Immediate implant placement is a procedure where dental implants are inserted into the jaw immediately after tooth extraction. This facilitates the osseointegration process by placing the implant’s root directly into the socket left by the extracted tooth. The procedure streamlines the process by addressing two crucial steps in a single appointment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of “immediate loading implantology”

Immediate implant placement is a procedure that offers several advantages for both patients and dentists. Some of the pros associated with this procedure include:

  1. Shorter Dental Implant Timeline: The overall process of getting dental implants is expedited.
  2. Simpler Procedure: It streamlines the treatment process, combining tooth extraction and implant placement in a single appointment.
  3. Less Invasive Surgeries: Compared to traditional implant procedures, immediate implant placement can be less invasive.

However, like any medical procedure, there are also potential risks or cons, though they are generally outweighed by the benefits:

  1. Healing Time Before Loading Requirement: There is still a healing period required before the prosthetic teeth can be loaded onto the implants.
  2. Not All Patients Are Candidates: Immediate implant placement may not be suitable for all patients, depending on their specific oral health conditions. Individual assessment is crucial to determine eligibility.
Are you the right candidate for “immediate loading implantology”

In immediate implant placement, certain factors must be considered to determine whether a patient is a suitable candidate for the procedure:

  1. Infection: The extraction site must be free from inflammation, disease, or infection for immediate implant placement. Any existing issues need to be addressed and cured before proceeding with the implant procedure.
  2. Bone Quantity: A sufficient quantity of stable bone must be present around the extraction site. The procedure cannot be performed if the bone lacks the necessary stability to support the new implants.

To ascertain whether you are a suitable candidate for immediate implant placement, it is recommended to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists for a thorough examination and assessment.

What is “immediate loading implantology”?

In modern dentistry, immediate loading implantology, also known as immediate function, represents a new era. This technique involves placing the restoration within 48 hours of implant placement, providing patients with a quicker and more convenient process. Immediate loading implantology has achieved a high success rate, ranging from 97 to 100 percent.

With this technique, dentists can attach a temporary crown, offering patients an immediate, aesthetically pleasing, and functional solution. It’s important for patients to follow a soft diet to ensure the success of the procedure and avoid any issues with the temporary restoration.

Important factors to consider about this procedure

When opting for immediate implant placement, several crucial factors need consideration:

  1. Bone Density:

   Adequate bone quality and density are essential for ensuring the correct position and stability of the implant. If the bone lacks the necessary density or height, implant placement may be deferred until the bone has healed. Our clinic is equipped with the right technologies to handle cases that may require bone grafting.

  1. Implant Features:

   Specific features play a crucial role in supporting the immediate loading placement method:

   – Tapered design

   – Surface treatment

   – Sharp threads

   The combination of these features contributes to a higher success rate for immediate loading placement.

  1. Patient’s Habits and Commitment:

   Patient commitment and habits are paramount. Factors such as maintaining excellent oral hygiene and adhering to dietary restrictions, such as consuming only soft foods, significantly impact the success of immediate loading placement.

All these factors, combined with the dentist’s experience, collectively contribute to achieving a higher success rate in immediate loading implant placement.

Advantages of “immediate loading implantology”

If you’ve experienced the challenge of missing teeth and sought solutions from your dentist, you’re likely familiar with options such as dentures or bridges. However, dental implants emerge as a favored solution for their ease and comfort.

Among dental implants, immediate loading implants offer a quicker and more expedient way of obtaining results. The advantages of immediate loading implants include:

  1. Instant Results:

   – Immediate loading implants provide a swift solution, allowing patients to move forward with their lives promptly.

   – The rapid results contribute to enhanced confidence following the procedure.

  1. Suitable for Full Teeth Replacement:

   – Immediate loading implants can be a suitable choice for individuals missing all their teeth.

   – If you require a complete teeth replacement, we encourage you to reach out and schedule an appointment. We’ll discuss your options and tailor a solution to meet your needs.

If you have any questions or wish to explore your dental implant options further, feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you on your journey to a confident and comfortable smile.

Disadvantages of “immediate loading implantology”

While immediate loading implants come with several advantages, it’s essential to be aware of potential drawbacks or considerations:

  1. Not Always Suitable:

   – Immediate loading implants may not be suitable for all patients. Individual factors, including bone density and quality, influence the viability of this implant option.

   – Candidacy for immediate loading placement depends on various factors, and alternative approaches may be recommended based on individual cases.

  1. Failure Potential:

   – The success of dental implants hinges on the effective fusion (osseointegration) with the bone.

   – If the implant fails to integrate correctly, the procedure may be deemed unsuccessful. This risk is higher when the tooth is subjected to functional use before achieving optimal readiness.

It’s crucial to consult with our dental professionals to determine the most suitable implant option based on your unique circumstances. We prioritize your oral health and strive to provide personalized solutions for optimal outcomes. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to discuss them during your appointment.


Determining whether immediate loading implants are the right option for you is a complex decision that requires a thorough evaluation of your specific situation and oral health. It is challenging to provide a definitive answer without an in-person examination.

When considering the immediate loading procedure, it’s crucial to understand that it may not be suitable for everyone. The procedure comes with specific requirements that patients must meet. To determine if you are a candidate for the immediate loading procedure, you should fulfill the following prerequisites:

  1. General excellent health with no pre-existing conditions.
  2. Good oral hygiene practices.
  3. Understanding of the applied technique.
  4. Sufficient bone density.
  5. Absence of bone diseases.
  6. No significant medical history complications.
  7. Favorable bone quality.


Meeting these requirements is essential for the success and safety of the immediate loading procedure. It is recommended to consult with our dental professionals for a thorough assessment and personalized guidance based on your specific oral health condition.

Procedure of “immediate loading implantology”

The immediate loading implantology procedure involves several crucial steps:

  • Step one: Examinations

Before undergoing immediate loading implantology, diagnostic examinations are essential. A comprehensive evaluation of your general health and oral health is conducted to determine if this type of dental implant is suitable for you. Various tests, including photographs, x-rays, and special dental CT scans, are performed. The data obtained from these tests are thoroughly analyzed to make an informed decision.

  • Step two: Surgery

The surgery splint is designed based on the model of the jawbones and is dependent on the accuracy of the position and placement angle of each implant. During surgery, the implants are directly inserted into your jaw with the assistance of the surgical splint. Immediately after the surgery, artificial teeth are attached to the dental implants. The entire surgical procedure is performed under the influence and administration of local or general anesthesia.

Possible Complications

Complications associated with immediate loading implants can lead to the loss of osseointegration and implant failure. Some common complications include:

  1. Loosening of screws: The screws securing the prostheses to the implants may become loose.
  2. Bone reabsorption: This can result in mucosal loss and affect the stability of the implant.
  3. Breakage of components: Excessive load or stress can lead to the breakage of prosthetic components.


Regular checkups and examinations with a dentist are crucial for preventing and addressing these complications. If any issues are detected, prompt intervention is necessary to restore the proper functioning of the prosthesis. Ignoring complications may lead to more severe problems, such as the breakage of screws.

Complications can be categorized into two types: biological (related to the loss of osseointegration) and mechanical (related to the breakage of prosthetic components). The durability of the components and the entire prosthesis depends on their mechanical strength and the accumulated stress they experience.

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